Enjoying Pahrump…

It was really enjoyable here in Pahrump. As I said last time, I’ve never been here before, have never driven on highway 160 or 372. Sure, I’ve taken US95 north out of LV, but never bothered to visit Pahrump.

Didn’t take long to find places in Pahrump to shop for groceries, than find a couple golf courses, and a couple thrift stores. Found one really big thrift store that has tons of recycled pre-owned and distressed stuff of all sorts, including large appliances and furniture. I generally shop once a week, and while I’m out I like to visit thrift stores trying to find things that might be fun fixing. I pick something up, take it home, clean it up and/or repair it, than put it on the free recycling tables if the RV park I’m staying at has one. Otherwise, I just take it back to the thrift shop and leave it as a donation. Finding treasures I can fix is fun for me. A form of entertainment that doesn’t cost much. And there really isn’t much entertainment in Pahrump other than all the casinos. No movie theater, no local little theater putting on plays, nothing really. Unless you consider a nice large bookstore to be entertainment. (Now that I think about it, I’d bet there was live entertainment at some of the casinos. I just never noticed).

Pahrump Valley Winery (one of two in the area) is quite nice. Visited there during a self guided tour around town and noticed, along with the wine tasting bar and sales counter, a restaurant with table cloths. My brother and I came back for dinner a week after this look around visit.Fancy this, a winery in the middle of the desert. I’m thinking they import most of their grapes though. The vineyards I saw were rather small. Doesn’t look like they’re big enough to support a huge winery. And after that visit to the winery, I was just driving around and stumbled onto this 18 hole golf course, the Mountain Falls Golf Club. This is one is for us duffers that don’t care to pay $68 for a round of nine holes. They charge $13 for 9 holes and that comes with a golf cart! I lost the pictures I took. I’ll get more my next visit to Pahrump.

The golf course that charges $68 for a round of 9 holes is in this next set of pictures. That price also covers the golf cart. This is a 36 hole course on a gated development. Very fancy restaurant on the grounds too. I was looking for somewhere for b-fast this morning, but after checking their menu, didn’t think $40-$50 for a meal was much of a bargain especially since I wasn’t all that hungry. Just wanted an egg muffin or similar. Oh, they do have a lake though. Jeese, where are they getting this water in the desert, especially since there’s a years long drought due west in California? [On edit: later in the year 2017, the LA area due west of Pahrump experienced their biggest ever fire storm(s), taking many lives and destroying thousands of homes & businesses.]Acres of green grass. A few days later, noticed this ’50 Merc in the parking lot. I use to own a ’57 Merc myself. Sun was a little too bright that day for any decent pictures of the car I’m afraid.

And than it was time to say goodbye to Pahrump. I’d enjoyed my months stay here and am certain it will be on my recurring places to stay while I’m a snowbird. Some of the things I got done were to sell & ship out my old o’scope, bought a brand new color O’Scope from Circuit Specialists, sold my old HughesNet satellite antenna, tripod, Wifi/internet setup to a guy in San Diego (I’ll deliver that stuff to him in San Diego in a couple months), bought 3 electric heaters when the nights turned cold here in Pahrump (that I found at the thrift store – had fun fixing two of them), discovered my engines surge tank had one drip of coolant so bought a new tank and made an appointment at the local RV repair shop (which I didn’t keep since I decided to wait until Mexico before doing the work), entertained my brother when he drove over from Rosamond, found that bookstore and bought 10 Sci-Fi paperback books to read, bought plenty of extra groceries for when I’m in Mexico.

So I was all ready, and looking forward to getting back on the road south. I’ll tell that story in the next installment of the blog. And soon too.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. SamG says:

    Fly Eagles Fly! Everything is Eagles here. Blocking all local channels broadcasts. An hour at a time. The game was 2 days ago. Big parade in Phila. on Thursday. So I hope you had a good seat somewhere in front of a big screen Sunday. And munchies and refreshment to go with.

    I had only been in the Yuma area for a couple days when the game was broadcast and don’t know the area all that well, so I stayed home and watched the game here. Would have been more fun at a sports bar but this RV park is way out in the boonies so rather than stumble around looking for somewhere to hang, just stayed home.

    How big is the screen on the new Oscope? Did it have all the necessary connections and will it do all you want it to?

    It’s 7″ color LCD. Here’s a link so you can get a look at it. I really like it, and it’s so small it fits on my desktop easily: color O’Scope

    It’s a DSO so I can store a waveform, than later transfer it to my computer if I want to include the waveform in a technical article.

    Judging from your posts I suspect you’re not much of a gambler. Neither am I. Never get any perks. But if I can put in some time gambling on the cheap, in an uncrowded casino, it’s entertainment. Do they still serve “free” alcohol to gamblers in Nevada?

    They sure do! But I had to be reminded by a bartender once when I complained about the cost of a drink while I was surrounded with video game machines in one casino I was in. Doh! Felt like an idiot.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Mexico. Jim.

    Thanks! And back at ya!

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