Endgame in San Felipe…

After nearly 3 months in San Felipe, is was getting close to time to head north and cooler weather. It was still comfortable most of the day and night here, but there were portions of the day when it was uncomfortably hot. So I was feeling it was getting to be time to head on north into the mountains for a while to cool off. Maybe wear some long pants for a bit.

Oh, here’s the cocktail guy. Comes around every afternoon. Makes pineapple drinks.

Because the wind is rather fickle this time of year, I pull out my awning early in the morning, around 8, and then retract it in the afternoon when the wind is getting blustery, around 2. Kind of a hassle, but not as bad as having a ruined awning would be.

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Blues Festival in San Felipe…

I bet you’re wondering, “How good could a blues festival in Mexico be”? Of course you are. I wondered the same thing. And I’ll tell you right off the bat that although it wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad either. What was great about it was the venue…right in front of the El Dorado restaurant on a large grassy area that fronts the place and is between the restaurant and the golf course. The golf course is by necessity a dry desert course with the only grass being on the tees and the greens. Cacti here and there dotting the landscape. Because of the fancy restaurant, clubhouse, and large bar being right there, the food booths were supplied and staffed by the restaurant so they were eclectic and original. In addition there were two full service bars in tents on the grass, and regular bathrooms over in the restaurant. Nice.

What wasn’t so great was the talent. About a 6 on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the best. Ya gotta expect that clear down here in San Felipe though. Pretty sure the organizers didn’t have the funds for any spectacular bands. And it is a fundraiser after all. The other thing that wasn’t that great was the blistering sun. We had a hell of a time trying to find shade. Eventually ended up scrunched up behind a VIP tent which afforded some shade. Didn’t find out for sure until we got there that you can bring your own umbrella. Someone at the RV park had told me they don’t allow bringing your own, but that was probably in past years. This year there was an area specifically for folks with umbrellas. I think they were previously outlawed to sell more space in the VIP tents, with their higher priced tickets and such. Along with shade…those tents had their own waiters or waitresses. Probably other goodies I’m not aware of too. Also, the walk from the parking lot to the venue was rather long if you’re carrying a large lounge chair. I was. And that’s basically all that was wrong. Now, on with the event…

But first some shots of the flora while I was waiting for Dawn to pick me up a few miles from the venue.

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The month of March in San Felipe…

Plenty to do in San Felipe…and to see for that matter. There’s always something going on it seems. But there’s also lots of spare time to just hang out with the neighbors and chill. This posting will just mush together a bunch of stuff that happened the last few weeks I was in San Felipe.

I had added V-Spoilers to the Winnebago (will be doing a write up for my blog’s RV section shortly) and wanted to do a road test with them so invited my new friend, and San Felipe resident, Dawn along. Unfortunately, the wind died soon after leaving SF, and we didn’t pass a single semi, bus, or RV going either direction along the route so the test was a bust, I needed to get a large wind blast from one of those types of vehicles. We drove around 45 miles north, turned around and headed back. Dawn was suppose to listen and observe for me during the test because of her superior hearing and her ability to move around as the passenger. But like I said, weather and traffic conditions didn’t work out for much of a test.

And here I am driving. I’m definitely getting fat. Must do something about that…soon. It looked like it was going to be a great day for the test, but like I said, the wind died soon after leaving SF and strong winds are needed for at least part of the testing.

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More of the Carnival in San Felipe…

Last time, I had just started posting about the San Felipe Carnival, when the internet connection went whacky so now I’m continuing from where I left off, here’s a link to that earlier posting –This and That. The Carnival is an annual happening. Here’s some pics of the kind of vehicles that line the street during Carnival. I don’t know why exactly…showing off? This one is really cool!

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This and that from San Felipe…

With plenty of time on my hands, it was fun just wandering around visiting shops along the malecon and then sitting with a popsicle watching the ocean and enjoying the sites. And only a couple days after that big storm I mentioned in last post. When I heard the day it happened that the refurbished and remodeled baseball park was ready to open, I hightailed it down there for the festivities…

All the local teams are here, and a couple visiting teams too. Men’s and women’s teams, boy’s and girl’s teams. Softball and hardball. There is a league for everyone here.

I was here for a game or two last year and the stadium and park needed rust removal, new paint, groundskeeping, and new safety screens. The remodel did all that plus put in all new fake grass over the entire field.The politicians and donors and baseball officials all spoke. Gah! If I’d known they’d take an hour and a half for all that, I would have gotten here an hour late at least. Boring stuff.

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RV section posts…

For those that follow my RV repair posts, I’ve added several more posts over the last couple weeks…check them out:

Replacing Jack Springs…

Mud Flap…

Refer LP mis-operation…

Roof items…

I’ve been busy.

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Early February into late February was a lazy 3 weeks of relaxing poolside and the occasional foray downtown. And we have this deck so every morning I’d make a beeline for it, coffee in hand, to sit and enjoy the sea. Today it’s low tide so lots more sandy ocean bottom is exposed.

It’s still too cold (mid 60’s to mid 70’s F) for most Mexicans to want to enjoy the beach so I could have it all to myself if I wanted.

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So much to do…

I’m so enjoying my 3rd month in San Felipe, and I couldn’t be more pleased with where I’m staying, Campo San Felipe. Right off the beach, 50 amp service, really fast Wifi (at least where I’m parked), room to extend my slides, plenty of interesting neighbors to talk to, excellent services, and on and on.

So this post, we’ll take another tour around San Felipe on a nice sunny January day, so you’ll see why I’m liking it so much here…

This is main street. Runs parallel to the ocean. The walkway on the right is the malecon. It’s a strolling walkway fronting the ocean beaches. Every oceanside Mexican city has one as all the beaches in Mexico are considered public so business must provide access. That’s the reason cities and villages build the malecon, to take advantage of the oceanside space for their citizens. The buildings on the right in the foreground are public.

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Just a bit of news…

My last post, mentioned that the DirecTv wasn’t working…

and I had that weirdness on my online DTV account info, which keeps showing my old cancelled VISA card number as my primary method on autopay. I’ve changed it 3 times now since November and it keeps popping back up. A gal from accounting on their chat channel actually told me that yes, they did use my old card number to pay my bill, and yes, it was paid? WTF? How can their system and accounting techs be that screwed up? The card was cancelled in November, by Chase, I’m pretty sure they know how to cancel their own card. But here in February DTV accounting is telling me that they used that number to pay my bill?

But, when I’d check my NEW VISA card statement at my bank, it showed a DTV charge every month on the 27th since November. Huh.

Anyway, despite that issue, which made me think my DTV was actually shut off when it wasn’t, meant I didn’t have any DTV since December 31st I assume as it was the last date that showed up on screen when I’d press ‘Guide’. Here it was February 2nd and still no DTV. I had followed all the instructions a 775 error on screen was showing me several times to try and fix to no avail. I chatted with a couple service techs and had them change my service address from Thermal, CA to border towns El Centro than Yuma to see it that would jog it back to working but no luck there either. I hung around the pool, lounging and soaking up the sun, that didn’t work either.

Than yesterday, I was at poolside and mentioned my DTV problem to one of my fellow RVers here at the park and he said something, I don’t even remember what, and suddenly, a lightbulb went off and I remembered that I have a spare SWiM box! That’s the device that supplies power to the self aligning satellite dish on my roof, (that assembly is made by Winegard), the SWiM device is supplied by DTV. It both supplies power and passes the satellite signal onto the DTV receiver. I also still have the older coax cables and the splitter, also supplied by DTV, that came with my RV.

The 775 error display on screen always said that the receiver couldn’t communicate with the satellite dish…and here I could replace those parts required to do that! Great! Of course I immediately ran into the RV, installed the old SWiM box, the splitter, and the cables in place of the new parts and crossed my fingers. Than waited 10 minutes as the dish was extended, searched and found the satellites, peaked the signals, and finally it displayed a picture! Yea! I’m back with working satellite TV. But damn, the parts I replaced are brand new, I’d just received them from DTV in November. I’m sure glad I decided to hang onto those older parts.

However, shortly after that I remembered all those power outages that had happened here at the RV park. Most of them due to overvoltage. And putting two and two together, I’m now pretty certain that the SWiM box failure was due to one too many power glitches. Happily, it’s all back to normal now and I’ll be able to watch the SuperBowl at home!

My DTV issue isn’t the only reason I’m posting though…for those of you that like my RV repair section, I’ve completed a new section titled, Step Well Cover.

It’s an article about my defective (now repaired) step cover…check it out! There are several pictures and I understand that different years and models of Winnebago (and likely other brands of RVs) used this same system. It’s an air operated cover. It’s kinda cool when it’s working. Click the link here to read the story: Step Well Cover…

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More From San Felipe…

Well, the Seahawks got knocked out of the running…so my team isn’t going to the Super Bowl this year. That’s a pity. But there are other things to do around here rather than getting all pent up over that. My DirecTv stopped working. That’s something to freak out about since it’s costing me $74/month. Still not sure what the problem is but I did notice that my online statement shows the credit card they used for the last payment was canceled back in November. Hmm. So I went to their online ‘chat’ and the gal confirmed I am paid up…and that they used the canceled card. Curious. Something else to work on.

Meanwhile, the electrical issues I was having with the parks power dropping out or getting too high seem to have resolved themselves. I’m not getting near as many power drops as previously. And it’s 50 amp power so when I need AC, I can use mine. And the place I’m parked, since it’s directly across the roadway from where the modem is, gets a damn good WiFi signal…so I’m staying here in San Felipe, at this RV park. Maybe until March first or so when it’ll likely start getting too hot to be comfortable.

One Saturday morning, drove out the 7 miles or so to the El Dorado Ranch…which has a flea market from 7AM to 10AM. I wanted to get b-fast but the taco truck I had in mind to eat at wasn’t open.

Went walking around the market and stopped at another taco stand that had a fairly limited menu, but I went ahead and had this tasty taco. They did have radishes, chopped veggies, fresh salsa so I piled it on.

Tasted very good. Fresh condiments, fresh salsa, etc. After finishing, I walk back up and ask to pay, the guys says, $80 peso…I thought. So I handed that little gal there on the right two $50 peso notes. She gave a quizzical look but turned back to make change. Her dad stopped her and she returned and handed me one of the $50’s. I asked him again, and he says it’s $18 peso, not $80. OH! Yeah, that makes a difference. $80 peso is $4 US. But $18 p is only $0.90 US. So 90 cents for a fresh breakfast. Not bad. 

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