Broken Mirror…

Broken Passenger side Mirror:

Went shopping one day and was pleased to find a parking space right up near the store. Right next to a large pickup truck that had backed into a handicapped parking space. I nosed into my spot. Plenty of room on either side. When I finished shopping, the big pickup truck was gone. Unloaded my groceries and began to start the car…looking into the passenger mirror. That’s odd, can’t see anything but blackness.

Got out and find my mirror on the ground in two pieces. And the back of the mirror casing all scratched up. Apparently, that long box pickup truck started their left turn out of their space a little too early and side swiped my mirror. Broke it. Damn. And they didn’t bother to stop.

On the way home I had been recalling how freakin’ expensive and difficult to replace our metal mirror assemblies were in the old days. Just the glass mirror without the housing use to be very expensive. I was guessing over $100 for this one but at this point I didn’t know if mine was metal or plastic. I’d picked up the two mirror pieces and when home I taped them back together with that clear 3M tape people use for covering phones or large glass items.


Then I removed the housing and discovered that it’s plastic. Well, that means it will probably be fairly inexpensive.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd I found a replacement on eBay…$20, including shipping.


 While waiting for the replacement, I just stuck the taped up repaired mirror back into the housing using double sided tape. It wasn’t the best view, what with the crack through it, but it worked for the few days I waited for the replacement.

To replace, snap off the triangle shaped cover off the inside door rail opposite the mirror. Remove three screws, install the new mirror assembly, snap the cover back on. Very easy. And only $20 and 15 minutes time.