At the Salton Sea…

I am enjoying this area quite a bit…mostly because of the fine weather. Warm days, cool but not cold nights. And we’ve had a rain storm or two come through. I’ve gotten some work done on my RV too, here’s a link to the latest project, restringing of two Day/Nite Shades. They were in the living room and took me much longer than they should have, for a couple reasons. The article about those specific shades are below that older article of the bedroom shade I had to restring. So scroll down, or better yet, read both articles as they relate.

I also spent half a day visiting three hardware stores trying to find a 1 & 1/2″ plug for the fresh water drain. My Winnie has a drip-drip-drip from a PVC pipe in the middle of the undercarriage that slowly depletes my freshwater tank. It’s a drain that this RV has a slide valve for, used when winterizing the RV. Pull the handle, the slide valve opens, and drains the tank. Except when you close it, it’s suppose to seal. Doesn’t work very good at that. And rather than trying to find and repair whatever is wrong with that slide valve, I’ve just plugged the outlet for now. Had to drive for several miles to find the right sized plug. True value was out, Home Depot didn’t have that size, ended up at a regular plumbing supply house where I finally found the right part. Like I said, took half a day.

After I’d been here a week, I was enjoying myself here enough that I decided to stay another week. No particular reason, I just like it here. This is the area where the Coachella Concert is held each year. My brother Dan used to come down and camp in a tent every year to enjoy the concert but he’s stopped coming because he says the music has gotten too mainstream, with too much hip hop type music. He really goes for off-the-wall style music though. Stuff I can’t stand to listen to.

A couple days ago, I remembered my camera and just cruised around the area near where I’m staying for a look/see. This is the view from the end of the street I’m on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And up the road a bit is this little store. They really need to dust in there. Not a very pleasant shopping expirience. They have a little tiny Mexican style cafe in there too. If it wasn’t filthy all over the store, I might have tried eating there.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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A Few Weeks in Rosamond…

Last time, I’d traveled from Myrtle Creek, to Redmond, CA, to Bakersfield, on my way to again visit my brother in Rosamond, CA. This first set of pictures is as I left Bakersfield.

This is one of the amazing valleys you find in California outside of Bakersfield. Once you add water, which is in short supply around here this decade, the place just blooms.

A couple hours later, and I was outside of Tehachapi, CA. This is that neat railroad turn about that’s famous for the elevation it makes in such a small area. The trains wrap around a hillock as they gain elevation. Sadly, this route is soooo busy with freight, there’s no passenger trains that I know of that take the turn around. In the picture you can see, off in the distance, another section of the same train you can see in the foreground as it threads its way up the hill. There is a road that overlooks the route and I’ve been up there with a friend to check it out. Pretty neat. There’s a museum in Tehachapi too. They’ll direct you to the overlook if you ask.


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New Repair Section…

I’ve added another repair section to my blog. 

The new blog thread is going to cover any repairs and mods I make to my 2001 Saturn SL1. It’s a 4 cylinder 1.9L 4-door coup. I wish it had power everything like in the cars I’ve bought before but sadly, no. All it has is A/C and an aftermarket AM/FM/AUX/CD system.

When I bought it in June 2016, it only had 60,085 miles on it. It still did need some parts replaced as they were poorly designed or manufactured by Saturn to begin with and had short lives. You’ll see what I have had to do on the car so far at this link that’s accessible on any page as an extension of the ‘Towing’ section of the RV Section – RV Repair Section – 2002 Winnebago Journey – Towing-2001 Saturn SL1 drop down links. Or just click the link here.

Thanks for reading!

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On into Cali…

Last time, I’d stayed at Myrtle Creek a few days, before continuing my southward journey. And we’ll pick up where I left off. Because I was trying to avoid that big storm rolling in, I planned a short day of driving and picked a RV park to stop at just a couple hundred miles south of Myrtle Creek.

It was overcast when I left Myrtle Creek, with scattered showers threatening along the way. But being in the mountains can have it’s advantages and one of them is that storms are sometimes busted up by them. In this area, surrounded by mountains, I didn’t have to contend with much wind. At least not until I dropped down into the valley of northern California later in the day.

It had rained quite a bit before I got up, and it had been heavy enough that it had clouded the backup video camera lens which is why I took this picture of the backup camera view. The blurriness is water sitting on the protected lens. You can also see a bit of rain on the windshield there as well. Not heavy rain at this time of the morning so easy to drive in as I left Myrtle Creek. Only took about 15 minutes to hook up the car in the light rain this morning. Double checked everything, triple checked everything.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Oh, spoke too soon. Heavy rain a few miles down the road. Traveling on a major 4 lane highway has it’s advantages though, I could drive as safely as I wanted without impeding traffic. Remember, towing the car is still new to me. I stopped just a few miles later to fuel up at 7-Feathers Casino truck stop. I’ll have to get use to using truck stops while towing because I need the extra maneuvering room with the car back there. Before I bought the car, with just a 35 foot Class A, I often used smaller fuel stations, got pretty good at figuring out if I’d fit, and the best way to get into them. Sometimes I’d have to back up to get back out, you can’t do that with a toad.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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New RV post…

Finished and posted a write up of the installation of a Progressive Industries EMS-LCHW50 Surge Protector in the Journey. If you’re a fan of DIY electrical stuff, you may enjoy this, and this article may just be helpful down the line.

Electrical: Adding Surge Protection


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Back on the Road…

During a Driving Cycle on Oct. 3rd, I stopped at Multnomah Falls just to get a little hiking done up to the second pool. This allowed my engine to cool down so I could do another driving cycle on the way home. Here’s a shot of the weather on the drive into the gorge. If you don’t know what a Driving Cycle is, you didn’t read my last post…here: Drive around…


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Drive around…

Working on the issues with the Saturn occurred throughout Aug, Sept, and into Oct. But mostly that was just an hour here, and hour there, then leave it alone for several days. The rest of the time I had fun visiting with friends and getting my colonoscopy over and done with. It was clear and they suggested I don’t need another one.

The issues with the car were recurrent trouble lights, with them coming on and going off, too randomly to get a handle on a cause. And then, at the beginning of October I noticed that my tags would expire in January. I needed tags for the car, needed to get them before I left town, and since my address is in Multnomah county near Portland, and because the state thinks I live here, I have to have a smog test done.

I expected to be in Mexico when the tags expired, so it was imperative any testing and repairs be done now before I left town. And it would be much more convenient to get my tags early here, so I’d not have to get the testing done in another state (Oregon allows that) or do it by mail (receiving mail as I’m traveling can be problematic). In Oregon, a DEQ test, necessary to obtain new tags, is good for 6 months so getting it done early is pretty common for travelers.


Initially, I only had the SES (Service Engine Soon) light on, and word was that’s not the end of the world and didn’t need to pull the car into a shop immediately. After receiving some advice about the car’s symptoms from the experts at SaturnFans Forum, I ended up buying a ECTS (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor) and a thermostat. The ECTS is shown in the next pic covered by a rachet deep socket. I jacked up the car on the driver’s side, removed the antifreeze overflow tanks cap to relieve pressure, so only lost a couple tablespoons of antifreeze when I removed the ECTS.


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This and That…

While staying in Fairview, had the pleasure of going to a late lunch with Jackie and Madeline at Bumpers. It’s a pretty nice place and has these huge fish tanks that separate the dining area from the bar. Food is good, I really liked their fish and the very interesting fish sauce on the side they provide. Delish!

Anywho, here’s some pics from inside the place. Used my old iPhone for these shots. Admittedly, they’re not very good, but, they’re free so no complaining.

5005 5006 5007

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Adventures around Gresham, Oregon…

The following weekend, after enjoying the Blues Festival in the gorge, I went to the Gresham Saturday Market (GSM) at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) in Gresham. The GSM is a summertime event and has been around for years. And it’s where my friends and former neighbors make much of their yearly income, because they operate a booth where Kathy sells homemade dipping sauces from her grandmother’s recipes. The venue is very pretty there on the NW parking lot of the college. Lots of tall pines give welcome shade.

My ex wife and I both attended MHCC back in the ’70’s, she to get an office management type degree, me to get my ABA (Associate in Business Administration). To go along with my AAS (Associate in Applied Science – Electronics) degree. It was great fun going there. It was interesting going to college with my wife, and because we averaged 10 years older than most of the the student body, we got respect. I took 200 series Physics and Chemistry because I fully intended to get my electronics engineering degree someday. Along with any other science, computer programming, or technology course I could squeeze into my schedule. Had to work pretty hard. Lots of studying and homework. That damn required accounting though…two years of accounting classes and all I learned was that it’s so dry and boring. I got A’s and B’s but I’ll be damned if a year after I graduated I could have told you much of anything about that class.

But, I did learn some stuff that helped years later when I started my own Electrical, electronic design, and computer consulting business.

So, I have some friends that set up a booth up at the GSM and they collect my mail for me so I went up to visit and pick it up. While there, I wandered around campus and took some pictures.

And there the GSM is, across the street from where I parked. Lots of trees all around the venue.


This is a look back down Kane. When we first went to MHCC, the right side was an empty field with trees. The owner tried to sell the property for a fast food franchise on the corner of Kane and Stark but for some reason, many students opposed it. They occupied the property to prevent clearing the land. Huh? I never did understand their objections about that so I sort of stayed out of it. Yeah, there were some big beautiful pine trees, and open meadow that students took their lunch on, but really, the purposed fast food joint would have been handy. Though I loved our cafeteria, sometimes change can be fun and interesting. The owner was a good sport about the protests, maybe it was MHCC that owned it and they’re sensitive about community perceptions of their behavior? Anyway, the owner shelved the idea for a couple years until that particular group of students had moved on, and objections to development had faded, then they developed the land. Now it has a large theater, a bar and grill, a huge parking lot, and a Jack-in-the-Box on that parcel.

On the left side of the street in this picture is the MHCC campus.


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New RV Post (#2)…

Just finished and posted another new article in the blog’s Winnebago section.

Refer Fan Installation…

This one is about adding a fan to the Norcold refer to keep the cooling fins frost free.

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