The month of March in San Felipe…

Plenty to do in San Felipe…and to see for that matter. There’s always something going on it seems. But there’s also lots of spare time to just hang out with the neighbors and chill. This posting will just mush together a bunch of stuff that happened the last few weeks I was in San Felipe.

I had added V-Spoilers to the Winnebago (will be doing a write up for my blog’s RV section shortly) and wanted to do a road test with them so invited my new friend, and San Felipe resident, Dawn along. Unfortunately, the wind died soon after leaving SF, and we didn’t pass a single semi, bus, or RV going either direction along the route so the test was a bust, I needed to get a large wind blast from one of those types of vehicles. We drove around 45 miles north, turned around and headed back. Dawn was suppose to listen and observe for me during the test because of her superior hearing and her ability to move around as the passenger. But like I said, weather and traffic conditions didn’t work out for much of a test.

And here I am driving. I’m definitely getting fat. Must do something about that…soon. It looked like it was going to be a great day for the test, but like I said, the wind died soon after leaving SF and strong winds are needed for at least part of the testing.

After that short but pleasant attempt at testing, I shelved any subsequent testing of the V-Spoilers for the next big trip, which is scheduled for March 27th. The next big thing that happened in SF was a car show. I missed most of it, but did catch some of the entries here in my RV park before they headed downtown. First a picture of me in my new favorite spot here at Campo SF. It’s not right on the corner like I was before, which was worrisome when big rigs tried to get into or out of the park, and I’m still right where I can get a good Wifi signal since the transmitters are right in that small building…

Other advantages were that since it was starting to get hot, I now had some shade kissing the rear end of my RV, I could use my extended awning to prolong morning coolness, the palapas in the rear and drivers side of my RV would help keep it cool, and there was afternoon shade provided by that 2 story building. All in all, a fine place to park as it grew hotter.

What the heck, might as well post the other pics I took that day…

I parked in that space to the left of that car for 3 months. My slide was right up against that service post so I had to pull the slide in to access stuff in the basement compartment. And like I said, wasn’t much room for people to maneuver in front of my RV so I was always worried someone would take out my front end one day. The owner realized it was a bitch for everyone involved so he had those two visible palapas moved 10 feet back so whoever parked in this space could back up 10 feet further, giving more room at the front of the RV. Easing the traffic crowding a bit. He did that just as the spot across the driveway opened so I took that instead, mainly because of the increasing daily temps and I wanted a better position for my RV. North/south orientation with the front windows facing north just works better when it gets hot, as long as you’re able to use your awning (some Mexican RV parks don’t have the room to allow it to be extended).

These are the small style palapas for trailers, small class a’s, etc. Up until a couple days ago, there was a 24 foot trailer, and a 30 foot class a parked there.They installed carpet at the entrance to the swimming pool in order to cut down on the amount of sand that gets blown into the pool. Made it more pleasant around there.
And the show cars showed up…

A week later, there was a Rotary fundraising steak feed at the town center courtyard. Had a live band, beer tents, the works…

This is the line that forms to receive your dinner plate. It looked daunting but it moved fast enough that you were only in line for maybe 10 minutes tops. Got a salad, a potato, and eventually, a cooked-to-order steak.

Quite a few people having a nice meal and helping the community. There were mostly expats at this function but the locals could wander through and hang out if they wished, since it’s their town’s courtyard and all. A couple local schools volunteered to setup, teardown, and cleanup to help the event.   The biggest problem turned out to be finding a comfortable place to sit as the sun was brutal that day. Had to try and follow the shade best I could. Dawn had something to do in town anyway, heard I was going, so she invited me to join her and her friends from El Dorado for dinner. That was nice. Otherwise I would have been sitting alone because I really didn’t see anyone from my RV park there until way late. I just kept missing them when I walked around.

The entire festivity was fun. Dinner was very good too. Great steak.

On one of my many trips to the coffee shop across the street from the RV park a couple days later, I packed my camera along so I could get some pics and show you how primitive Mexico is, cough *sarcasm* cough. It’s like a Starbucks. Only problem is their stock of 1 lb bags of coffee. I found one I liked, bought it, and when I was ready for another pound, they never stocked it again. And it was ‘espresso’ dark grind too. Like the same stuff they sold every day! I’d go in 2-3 times a week asking for it but they never had it again.

Everything I’ve tried here is delicious. They not only have free Wifi, but they sell time on several computers they have here too. So this is sort of an internet cafe. Across the street is that big hotel you can see from my RV park. We border their back wall.

And a couple days later, I went out to help Dawn with something on her RV. Installed the battery charger called a Trik-L-Start to keep her chassis battery charged while the RV is parked but connected to shore power.

These guys are installing her brick patio. Another crew is working on that palapa, 

and a 3rd crew is suppose to be installing her spiral staircase to the roof but they don’t seem to show up when they’re suppose to. All that’s up so far is the metal center post. And it took several weeks to get them to do that. And back home at Campo SF, watching the sunrise the next morning. Pretty… Moon was still reflecting. And then this happened. Wha…..??

Next time I go to the Blues Festival up at El Dorado, you don’t want to miss that posting.

See ya next time! Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to The month of March in San Felipe…

  1. Karen says:

    Long time lurker, first comment. I am female so wondering; Dawn, friend or something else? Remember blogs are our reality channel alternative. Next, in response to getting fat comment, that is bread, alcohol and good living. Do you really want to give that up? Anyway, have enjoyed your blog for a long time, thank you.

    Nice to hear from a long time lurker! Dawn…she stumbled onto my RV repair blog section a few months ago, sent me a message because she had just bought a ’04 Winnebago Journey that she felt she could use some knowledgeable help with. And then we discovered we were both in San Felipe at the same time. So, one thing lead to another.

    But…she is engaged to be married so our time together is strictly platonic.

    Also, I’m always looking for female company…and I’m delightful. Just ask Dawn. You should come meet me somewhere for some fun!

  2. Renee says:

    Jim, It’s nice to finally see what you look like! I enjoy reading your blog and following along too.

    Happy to read you’re a regular reader. I have gotten to a place where my picture taking focus (pun intended) is on the subject, not the photographer. But I have put a few of me in the blog here and there.

  3. SamG says:

    The car show had a few looks-like ZZ Top cars. Was ZZ Top there? If you get a chance check out their “I Gotsta Get Paid” video on Youtube. I believe you’ll enjoy it.

    Saw a bunch of classic cars, but the vast majority of them were somewhere up the road…my RV park neighbor, who went early in the day, wasn’t clear on where the show was, so I missed it. Drove around trying to find it too. No ZZ Top bearded characters that I saw so I guess they weren’t there. I really enjoyed that video. Great “cars” in it too.

  4. mush says:

    You’re so tan!


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