Retrospective – Trip down the creek…

My last article indicated that I’d left Lake Tahoe…which I did. But I wanted to backtrack in time a bit and write an article of my trip around the Taylor Creek area there in Tahoe. This creek was once a human caused disaster that emptied effluent into Lake Tahoe. It was dying because of the harm humans were doing upstream and harming the lake in the process. So the Forest Service took it over and for many years has been acting to ensure pure water enters the lake. Mostly by letting it return to a natural state. With some light handed help from the FS. It’s making a comeback as a water filtration system, helping to keep the lake one of the clearest and cleanest in the world.

While I was staying in So. Lake Tahoe at the Tallac Historic Baldwin Estate, I was only 1/4 mile from the creek, and I’d just found a bike to buy so it was time to combine a trip to the creek with some bike riding.

Started the trip at the Baldwin Museum. I travel on the bike path towards the left.

And soon the bike path puts me near the lake shore. Almost looks like the mountains are floating over there.

Here’s the beginning of Baldwin Beach. Taylor Creek, Tallac Creek, and Cascade Creek all empty into the lake in this small horseshoe area (refer to the map link above). This shoreline curves around Baldwin Beach.  You can see how clear the water here. Eventually, I’m on the official Taylor Creek discovery path. You can see the extent of the estuary over the top of the signage there. The flora type on this soggy ground aids in filtering the water. The insects and fauna help as well. But it all starts with clean water coming down the creek from Fallen Leaf Lake upstream a mile or two. This area had a sawmill for many years along with a settlement which dumped everything into that lake, which then made it’s way to Lake Tahoe. There were even some buildings (now removed) alongside the estuary. 

First white guys to record seeing Lake Tahoe, in 1844.There’s a slight overlook of the creek area. I’d say around 50-75 feet higher.

The FS is letting it all be natural here. Here’s the path leading into the creek area. There’s educational signs along the path every so often. And then it turns into a boardwalk supported over the marsh areas. Of which this mostly is. You can see the creek running alongside the boardwalk most of the trail. Pretty cool walk through here. Nice to see it looking so healthy.

Opps, seems as though the boardwalk is flooded. Damnit…it was flooded 10 years ago when I visited in May too. Well, this is as far as I can go on this side of the path. Lucky it’s a loop so I go to the other entrance to the path and start over.

As I head back I get some pics of the creek streaming under the boardwalk. Quite powerful here. This is the cutaway creek view building.

Sometimes a fishy will pass by. Right now it’s not spawning season  so they are few and far between. And after that visit, follow the trail up alongside the creek proper. This year is seeing a heavy flow. Some of the work by beavers. The FS relocates them when they set up camp here.

Walking along the trail or boardwalk, there’s a photo opportunity every few steps. And I’ve reached the boardwalk flood area again. I think it’s around 25 yards to the other dry portion of the boardwalk I showed earlier. Check out the beaver work there. Almost made it through that tree before the FS trapped him. Boy, those animals are as busy as…well… They had dropped a few good sized trees before they were caught. And that walk took me to the last section of the creek before I meet the highway. And from there, I follow the bike trail south towards Camp Richardson.And a short 10 minute leisurely ride, I’m at Camp Richardson.

Down that road is the beach, and…well, I’ll show you soon. But first, a nice Mocha at the coffee house. They have Wifi! After the coffee, the Beacon for dinner.
Nice place. Good food, generally. But they serve a filet mignon that’s actually a NY Steak. Kinda a rip off at $39. Headed out onto the dock for a look around. Trying the telephoto on the new camera. Not bad.And back along the bike path towards home…

And that’s it for now. Next time we explore surprising Reno. Thanks for visiting.

Just a reminder, the Tallac Heritage Foundation does take volunteers and if you have ever wanted to visit Lake Tahoe for several weeks, while helping restore and refurbish historical buildings and grounds, check with them about their volunteer program.

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3 Responses to Retrospective – Trip down the creek…

  1. Karen says:

    Love your blog. Only one I subscribe to. Thank you.

    You are very welcome, Karen. Thanks for reading…

  2. hafcanadian says:

    Hey my friend, some great photos! Makes me almost want to go check it out myself… now if I didn’t have this ridiculous aversion to anything California. Stupid huh? Comes I guess from watching the LA gangs come up and screw up my beautiful Portland 50 years ago, and the crime is still importing to the far eastside via another southern culture I won’t mention; it’s as bad as Salem’s become. Not overlooked, there was the electric power scandal where we had to send Bonneville power south, which caused our hitherto low rates to skyrocket and never come back down. Then there’s the cost of anything California. The wine is cheaper than Oregon’s, I’ll give em that; but it’s usually not as good. Of course I agrege the out of state fishing license fees. And then there’s the nagging memory that almost every time we ever went to CA something not good happened.

    As you can tell, I’m biased – forgive me, it’s probably a pretty silly attitude. But there are plenty of other places to visit without going that far south, so the wife stays happy as long as we travel somewhere. Perhaps an approach from the Nevada side would suffice? LOL.

    Thanks! Happy you enjoyed them.

    Sure, where I was at there on Lake Tahoe is California, but you wouldn’t know it. For one thing, if you’ve traveled here from Nevada through Stateline, there’s no sign saying that you’ve entered CA. You wouldn’t know where one state ends and the other begins. And of course, you can stay on the Nevada side of the lake and still enjoy it. Especially if you like casinos.

  3. samg says:

    Good pics. Fish. Steak not a problem with me. Liked the marina boats. Using onscreen keyboard ’cause newer Logitech wireless sux. It’s total schizophrenia. So fewer comments from me. Thanks

    Kind of a cryptic note there, Sam. I love fish, but this dinner my brain was begging for a nice steak. Too bad about the Logitech, as a reformed computer consultant, I know your pain. Which is why I don’t buy Logitech anymore. Take it back?

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