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  1. Kevin McGuire says:

    Hi Jim,

    Kevin from Wisconsin (the guy with the Bounder brake problem on Finally got to the bottom of the hydraulic leak; it was a worn hose. It’s been replaced now and the Bounder is back in service.

    Got a new email address ( since we will be moving to Florida soon. We bought a house in Port Charlotte on the gulf coast about halfway between Sarasota and Fort Myers. We are really looking forward to getting out of Wisconsin before the snow flies.

    Continue to enjoy reading your blog. Are you in Mexico now? That “buying of trinkets” seems to be universal with women; my wife does it too! Take care.

    Kevin McGuire

    Hey, Kev, happy to hear you’ve got your leak fixed. Not having a PB is annoying at best, dangerous at the worst.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Do you sell advertising on your blog? If so, please send rate info. Sorry if this is posting, its not intentional.

    Helen & Rob

    • Jim@HiTek says:

      I do sell advertising space on my blog. The current rate is $250 per year. Thanks for considering my blog.

      Sorry I’m so late getting back to you but I had a very busy month, including a trip to Hawaii (but I’ll not complain about that).


  3. Rebecca says:

    I thought you and your blog followers would be interested in this:

    From the creators of Overhaulin’ and the producers of Extreme RVs comes a new series on The Travel Channel called Rock My RV!

    Hope you tune in and set your DVRs! Premieres Sunday, May 26 at 9PM EST.


    Additionally, there is a contest to win a free RV. The link below is to the press release:

    Thanks for the info, Rebecca. I might even watch that show.

  4. Scott says:

    Hello Kevin,
    We recently purchase a Gulfstream 31ft 1992 rv from a relative who’s husband passed. They took very good care of it but it did sit for quit some time. We drove it home in Nov. about 125 miles then it sat in our driveway until about 1 month ago. I took it to be inspected which it passed but had a few minor issues so I asked the truck shop (not an rv shop think my first mistake) to look at the gas gauge and the switch for the step to the entry. They determined after 4 hours of labor that it most likely was the sending switch, and that the step works as it went up and down with a jumper box, but didn’t fix either after 4 + hour of labor I’m very hesitant but now the brakes calipers are locking up in the front. Is that caused by sitting and approx. how much should that cost. Second the generator isn’t working, which I filled the propane before the brake issue. Do you have any suggestions regarding the generator where do I start 1st, it seems this is a big problem being we are scheduled to go camping Aug 3. I did have the original shop put new 6 volt batteries in and I think they didn’t put in correctly. I hope the bargain doesn’t bite me in the rear end.
    Regards, Scott

    Hi, Scott! Who’s Kevin? Assume you meant me, Jim, so, Congrats on your purchase! 🙂 I’ll say right from the start that you’re probably going to find over several thousand miles that every time you drive a couple hundred miles, something else gets broken or stops working. For your sake, let’s hope that it’s all small stuff. Hopefully you’re either a mechanic, handyman, or rich. My answers below are for you and the browsers that visit my site so no offense if your skills are much better than mine. Not talking down to you.

    Going to a truck shop was not a mistake really. Generally, truck shops will do a better and less expensive job on the chassis then any RV shop (unless it’s a big chain, like Freightliner or Cummins). And some of them will do a better job on the house too, though a good RV shop tech would be faster (if you can find a good one). Never go to Camping World. Always check whatever shop you’re near at If they have too many bad reviews, avoid them.

    Now, to your problems: Gas gauge. Start by getting a fill-up. Then stop 4 hours later and refill. Calculate fuel usage (you know the drill I’m sure). Then keep track of your mileage and always refill when you’ve driven the miles to be at half a tank. You’ll do fine that way until you find some backyard mechanic that needs some work and will drop the tank for you inexpensively. But first, I’d spend some time looking for and following the wiring to make sure it’s not just a broken wire or corroded terminal. I’d also use a digital ohmmeter to measure the gauge itself to make sure it’s working. The senders themselves are pretty reliable and a no signal condition is usually caused by a worn through wire. Often on top of the tank.

    Entry Step: The steps will have a magnetic switch mounted to the door frame and activated by a magnet on the screen door. Get out of the way and use a magnet to test the switch. They are mounted where you can see them (if they’re not missing that is). Then, in addition, many older rigs have both a dash switch, and a switch near the door. There are a couple positions these switches can be in that would prevent the step from operating. That’s normal. So, try flipping one of those to the opposite position and test again. Right now, I’m parked, so I’ve got mine set to extend when I open the door and then stay there when I close it. When I’m on the road, I flip that switch and it extends and retracts whenever the door is opened or closed (cars in parking lots might drive in next to me and rip it off). Dash switch operates similarly. Starting the vehicle will retract the steps (or should).

    Brake Calipers: Since it’s been sitting so long, it’s not unusual for the calipers to be sticking. They need to be cleaned and lubed. That’s not all that expensive, perhaps a couple hundred. If you’re mechanical, here’s a video: Least expensive place to have them worked on if you don’t want to handle it yourself is in Mexico or at a truck shop. Do not fall for that shop trick of selling you rotors you don’t need. If there are brake pads left, no blueing on the rotors from overheating, no warping, they may need to be turned, but you don’t need new ones. If the blueing is minor, again, you don’t need new ones. Warped or cracked rotors must be replaced. If all the rotors need replacing, you’re looking at 2-3 thousand unless you do the work yourself with parts from a junk yard. A good truck shop will suggest & find a junkyard rotor for you if it’s actually needed.

    Generator: Your propane tank for the genset is usually tucked between the frame rails so it’s hard to see and access but you might crawl under there and make sure the tank’s gate valve is ON. Could be that simple. If you know it to be open, then start here with your troubleshooting. Follow this link. They have genset parts and manuals. Read their entire troubleshooting document as it’s full of helpful tests (click on Troubleshooting Guides):

    Batteries: You would have noticed something was amiss quickly if they’d wired the batteries wrong. Take a few pictures of how they’re wired now before you mess with anything. Maybe send the pics to me and I’ll have a look. Here’s a battery guide:

    Happy travels. Note that with my diesel pusher, over 76,000 miles, including a blown engine repair that cost $5200, I have averaged $207/month in repair costs, optional equipment costs, and maintenance costs. And I’ve done much of the work myself (labor costs are 37% of the total). Someone who isn’t technical, a handyman, or mechanical, should expect their labor costs to be around 50%.

  5. Dawn Fagan says:

    HI Jim,
    I was just reading through some of your blogs and saw that I could write you here. I also left a communal response on Irv2 forum, but thought I could reach you here if you don’t see that.
    I am in San Felipe too. Are you still here? I just had a Ramada and bathhouse built on my lot in El Dorado. I was one of the original lot winners back in 1982, and although have been down here a few days over the years, this is finally become a reality. Bought the 2004 Journey just last Aug. and have it here now. With time to crawl all over it and learn some things…not to mention clean and fix some things…like the door lock and , well, not sure of the wall by the bed opening!
    Anyway, are you still in the area? Let me know if you want to get together if you are.
    And I’ll be checking out all your wonderful info on you site! I don’t get much from Winne PDF diagrams.
    Okay, enjoy the day!

    Thanks for visiting, Dawn. Yes, you can contact me via these comments. That gives me your email address and once I receive notification you’ve commented, I check to be sure your em address is legit…not a spammer…and usually make comments inside your comment and then approve it. Sometimes it takes a few days since I travel a lot. And in your case, since you asked me to contact you, I did.

  6. tim prybylski says:

    Hi Jim, just came across your blog. Well done. I live in Mojave and would like to invite you to stay here whenever your’re in the area. I have full hookups/50amp,water/sewer. I met Ray Burr,LOVE YOUR RV a few years ago and he his wife Anne spend a few days here on there way to & from Canada. They were just here last week. If you are familiar with there happy hour site you can see there rig in my driveway. Anyway my address is [redacted]. Call if you need a place to park. Take care, “Ski”

    Hey, thanks, Ski. I appreciate the offer. I know that area well, my brothers house is in Rosamond. It seems unlikely that I’ll be in that area again anytime soon though. Right now, I’m down in San Felipe, Baja. Than I’m heading for Ireland in the spring and have some commitments near San Diego preceding that. Than after I return from Ireland, I’ll be hanging out in Minnesota for a while where my daughter lives. But…I’ll certainly keep your offer in mind whenever I get back to that area.

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