Entertainment Center – Bedroom

The bedroom tube TV was missing when I bought this Journey, which was fine by me because the RV had a 33″ LCD Vizio in the front room, and I’d had the foresight to remove and keep my 24″ LCD Vizio from my old Bounder before I sold it. So I didn’t need to horse the old tube type TV out of the house.

But so far, I’ve not done the carpentry job putting a door on the opening to mount the TV.

I did put up a temporary mounting and figured out the best angle to display the TV and instantly noticed that the speakers in the TV are totally inadequate for my poor hearing. In my last RV, I’d found an adaptor cable for the Panasonic dash radio that I could connect this same TVs sound to and that worked fine. Here in this bedroom, there’s no dash radio so I had to come up with my own configuration.

And here’s what I bought for $20 to amplify the TV sound: Lepai 18W X 2 Amplifier

On Edit, March ’17: That link now shows a 15W X 15W amp. The difference is probably due to the display taking more power. It also costs more now but it’s no longer mislabeled. Operation of my older model was intuitive and doesn’t take long to figure it out, even when lying in bed using the remote so I expect this model is the same. I didn’t have a bit of problem figuring out how to use it with the buttons on mine or how to use it with the remote.

It was probably on sale at $20 because the label said 180W X 180W, which was kind of impossible given the small size of the case. I just blacked out the zero with a marking pen. It’s kind of a cool product, in addition to the audio input connectors, it has a simple auto scan FM radio with telescoping antenna, a USB port for charging phones, and a SD card reader so you can play your MP3 tunes, along with standard spring loaded speaker lead output connections. And it comes with a tiny, but effective, remote! The remote uses that coin cell used in billions of computers to backup the settings so they are only $0.79 these days.

Since this is used in the small space of a bedroom, 15 watt per channel is adequate, plenty loud enough for me even though I don’t wear my hearing aid while in bed. I can mount the speakers up on a wall because they have a way to do that, but so far, I’ve not needed to as they stay put when I’m driving.

 I mounted it to the wall below the TV cabinet, connected it to the TVs headphone jack, and soon had it set up with a pair of unamplified computer speakers. Did not sound good, though it’s loudness was ample. So I checked a few nearby thrift stores and soon found a Panasonic mini speaker set. There were 3 out of the original 4 surround sound speakers along with a mini subwoofer. All for $8. The Lepai has speaker jacks on the back so I hooked up two of the speakers, and then the subwoofer is hooked up to each + terminal, one subwoofer lead on each channels speaker output terminal. The subwoofer is designed for low frequencies and this is how it is suppose to be hooked to an amplifier that doesn’t have a separate subwoofer output. Works well, sounds great.