Muffler and pipe work – Aug. ’17

Six or seven months ago, I was entering the roadway from a gas station and the drop was apparently too steep for my RV, and the chrome tail piece scrapped off without me noticing for 200 or so miles. All that was left sticking out was a rotten rusted piece of 5″ tailpipe.

So I spent some time on google last November and found a replacement 5″ chrome tail piece on eBay and carried it around with me while I hoped to happen upon a muffler or welding shop that would work on it for me. I could see that some of the exhaust pipe was badly rusted so my hope was that I’d find a muffler shop with the pipe. There are lots of shops that work on this stuff, it’s just that this is 5″ and many muffler shops I visited only carried 4″ pieces.

But eventually, I ended up in Burns, Oregon and the Truck Shop in the nearby town of Hines where I stopped to schedule an oil change, suggested I call Alan’s Repair…which does do welding and custom jobs.

You can see here that the exhaust pipe around 8″ from the exit has a hole rusted in it and the U clamp is no longer connected to the hanging bracket at all. Damn rust.

So here’s some pictures of the exhaust pipe setup. It doesn’t look too bad, but you can see daylight there at the clamp where is shouldn’t be. Most shops have a problem sourcing this double angle section of pipe that connects directly to the muffler, and most don’t have the bending equipment to fashion it. I’m going to forget getting an exact fit and just buy a flexible 5″ exhaust pipe instead. But I did want to get some way to temporarily attach the chrome tail piece so the hot exhaust gases would be directed away from the front of my toad. While I waited on the appropriate parts. 

As the welding tech worked on it, he found that the there is a rust hole in the pipe near the muffler too so yeah, I do need to replace that 4 foot section of exhaust pipe. But we worked out a temporary plan to kluge it together with a 12″ section of pipe we found locally.

Here’s where they had me park. Old fashioned welding shop. Lots of farm equipment around and about.

Getting the welder all set up. We disconnected the battery grounds and positives too. And then made sure to get a good connect for the welder machine ground near the work. Here’s a shot of the entire pipe, the tail piece hasn’t been attached yet. Tech is going to cut it behind that clamp a couple inches, then weld the new piece onto that new end. And attach a new U bolt. Had to wait for a new saw blade but when it arrived, it made short work of sawing off the rotten piece. Did a couple tack welds and the tailpiece is attached to the previously mentioned new short piece of pipe, than in turn, is welded to the other section. They charged me $137 for the work, and I paid $20 for the short piece of tail pipe. Works out to be around $90/hour. I am happy with what I have as a temporary fix for now. After I get that flexible piece I’ll take it back to finish the work.