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July 2004 – Rig won’t start…Add Fuel Pump


Nov. 2006 – Alternator


Oct. 2007 – Fuel Leak


March 2007 – Exhaust Leak Repair


Feb. 2010 – Rig won’t start…


April 2012 – Blown Engine








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  1. Bill says:

    I just found your site while sitting/working at Mt Hood RV park in Welches. I was searching for a fix for a slobber tube extension and saw where you said you used a milk bottle. If you don’t mind I have several questions to ask. First, I have placed a plastic bottle with a larger mouth/opening over my slobber tube yesterday. I selected this bottle as it had a handle and I could use a tie strap like you did. Also when I tried a half gal. milk bottle it fit real tight on the tube leaving no air space. I did poke 8 or so holes in to the bottle, BUT I didn’t poke any on the bottom of the bottle, should I??

    NO, don’t poke any holes in the bottom of the bottle, that defeats the purpose. I just checked my bottle today and it has about 3/4 of a quart of oil in it. That’s after 40K miles or so. The trick in my case was to go from 16 qts of oil for an oil and filter change to 15 qts. That really stopped a lot of slobber tube blow by…

    Second, I strapped it about a half inch or so from the top of the tube, Is that to close so as to block the air flow?

    No, I think that’s fine. As long as the tube doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the bottle. If it’s more then half way, I’d cut the tube or move the bottle down a bit. I did find that I needed two zip ties to hold it in place, but my slobber tube is only a couple inches passed warm engine parts and I want to get a distance away.

    We are parked as my workamping job does not end till the 10th and we will be on the road by the 13th of Sept. so hope you can help.
    Thanks in advance and you site is a wealth of info.

    Bill 727-804 1335

    Thanks Bill, glad I could help. See ya on the road someday.

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