Subscibe to ‘Chaos Leaves Town’

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  1. Joel aka. 1/2canadian says:

    See how ya are? I don’t check in with ya for a couple months, and you’re back in Mexico! Musta gone down I-205 with nary a wave.

    Reckon my subscription to your site didn’t take, so will try again.

    Watch out for the cartel wars, Dude!

    -Joel in Clackamas

    I didn’t go down I-205, I went east on I-84, then south. I was in the Portland area for a couple weeks but spent all my time on the east side this time. Sorry that your subscription didn’t take, I’ve installed a new provider applet but it’s now broken too. Trying to figure it out now.

  2. Dan Stevens says:

    I just found a link to your website on At times I really enjoy a good read. Right now today, I don’t have time to read the entire blog, I’m working on my HM getting it ready to GO!
    I didn’t want to loose track of what appears to be an account from a like-minded individule. Good luck with your travels and I hope to meet you down the road sometime!

    Dan Stevens

    Thanks Dan, hope you enjoy my Blog…sorry I didn’t answer earlier but Word Press didn’t notify me (this blog software is suppose to do that!) of your comment for some reason.

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